Recommended by Sheriff Richard Mack!

Sheriff Richard MackRecently we had the pleasure of attending a Sheriff Mack ( speech in Montrose, Colorado.  Sheriff Mack is famous for suing the Clinton Administration over the unconstitutionality of the Brady Bill…and winning!

For over two hours he kept us entertained about the Constitution and what our local sheriffs and county commissioners can do to stop the federal government from encroaching on our rights.

Sheriff Mack went on to recommend that EVERYONE learn how to shoot and learn how to shoot well. “Especially women,” he added.  Sheriff Mack continued to specifically recommend women take their gun training through Survival4Chicks.

Local Sheriff’s comments

Thank you for taking the time to touch base with me.  In particular, I appreciate the fact that you submitted your entire lesson plan; impressive!  ~Gunnison County Sheriff Richard D. Besecker

Thank you, excellent curriculum  and welcome back.  ~Delta County Sheriff Fred McKee

Thanks Gayle.  My Undersheriff and I still teach the CHP classes here and have run two classes so far this year…  We, in the past, have also conducted advanced handgun classes and patrol carbine classes but have not done so in several years.  For those folks asking, I will direct them to you all.  ~Hinsdale County Sheriff Ron Bruce