I just thought I would let you know that I am pretty sure the class I took with you helped me to get a job at Cabela’s 🙂 Thank you so very much!!  ~Tara L.

We had a great weekend! You are a fabulous instructor, and a great person.
I am honored to have met with you and to have been under your instruction.
Thank you so much for such a knowledgeable experience and sharing your
expertise with the three of us.

I look forward to my next class in Ouray, CO!!!

Stay in touch and you know you have great advertising from the three of us. ~MP

Crossing the gender barrier for just a second here. Sorry. You have a great idea. Please check my Prepare on all Fronts discussion. While the testosterone heads thump their chests and count their bullets there are a ton of other things needing to be done. There is a slim chance of averting TSHTF but we must reach for that slim chance while we continue to prep for the alternative. ~Dick K

Interesting blog. Hope you don’t mind that I’m a male.  ~GeekWithAGun

Hello, I will be moving to a rural area around spring 2010 and have been planning this for many years …. glad to be included in your group. ~CK

I’m new to the survival/preparedness business, but I’ve been a pretty fast learner. After immersing myself in it over the last couple of years, I feel pretty knowledgeable. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I’m anywhere near as ready as I want to be, but I have the plan in place (several plans actually) and the preparation has begun whether my husband knows about it or not (I’m a sneaky one when I need to be :). ).

My goal right now is to find some people around here to band up with if the fit hits the shan. Ya know? I’ll not be taking care of anyone but my family, but will be glad to partner up with people who have made adequate preps of their own for our mutual defense and survival. (Dragging my hubby along behind me LOL!) (I really think that’s funny, sad to say.)

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell, all out there on a platter so you can either think I’m a nutcase (for several reasons) or one of the few sane people in the state. :). I’d love to hear your assessment! Lol! ~V

I just started reading your blogs,they’re great!!! ~LL

I love the print out targets! I printed some out for my 17yo daughter ~CRZY