The importance of getting out to the gun range to practice…


I received the following today from one of our students:  “Things are well.  Since we have seen each other, I fell in love and was married this summer. *:"> blushing Unfortunately, my husband was not very interested in my interests [shooting] until recently.  I am happy to say he bought his first AR this past year! I took him shooting for the first time last week and I realized my skill in 9mm and .40 has gone down the tubes!”

Let me repeat that:  “I realized my skill in 9mm and .40 has gone down the tubes!”

Folks, shooting accurately is a VERY perishable skill that you must continually hone and keep in practice.  If you don’t, you may one day find yourself in a situation where you must defend yourself but are unable to hit the broad side of a barn much less your attacker.

Jim and I, as instructors, are not immune either.  We are at the range all the time – with students.  Just being at the range does not keep our shooting skills intact.  We have to force ourselves out to the range on a regular basis to actually pull the triggers on our guns and keep up our skills.

So please…remember to visit your local range and send some rounds into those berms.  Take more classes too.  We’ve had CHL holders come back for Basic Pistol classes just to get a refresher and keep their skills up to date.

I’ve said it a hundred times and am not above saying it one more time:  just because you “know how to shoot a gun” does not mean you know how to or are able to defend yourself or your loved ones if/when attacked.

Stay safe and keep shooting!



Send us your stories!

Send us your stories!

Have you ever had to defend yourself? Have you ever been attacked?

Tell me about it! I am looking for stories about close calls and/or successful self-defense encounters.

You can private message me on FB or email me at Please let me know if you would like to be anonymous. I will be sharing your stories on my blog and on FB.

Oregon School District Allows Concealed Carry For Teachers

A school district in Oregon has decided to allow teachers to carry concealed firearms in classrooms as long as they possess a permit, and locals are embracing the move.

The board of the St. Helens School district voted 4-1 last week to lift a restriction on allowing on-campus employees to carry concealed. Board chairman Marshall Porter told ABC News the board agreed it was punitive to forbid teachers to exercise rights available to other Oregonians, under State and Federal law.


Another School To Allow Concealed Carry For Teachers

It’s about time we allow (and teach) our teachers to protect our kids instead of just brainwashing them!  ~G.

Here’s the article…

It’s only been two days since we told you about an Oregon school district that had elected to allow teachers to lawfully carry concealed weapons on campus. Well, it looks as though the dominoes are continuing to fall – this time in rural Colorado.


Gun Ranges Wanted!

We are looking for ranges in all areas of Texas, Wisconsin, and Colorado, where we can teach Concealed Handgun and other classes (both NRA and non-NRA courses).  If you know of any that are seeking instructors, please pass my info along to them or let me know who they are.  Thanks!


Women’s firearms ownership is growing!

Nearly 1 in 4 women now owns a gun, a 77% increase in 7 years! 

Much to the alarm and disgust of the anti-gun crowd, an interest in firearms ownership is growing, and what terrifies them most is that it is growing in a non-traditional manner.   Read more…

Now they need to make sure they get the proper training!