Sebastian County Woman To Intruders: “I’ll Blow Your Head Off”

An elderly Midland woman was injured Thursday night (Nov. 21) after fighting off a pair of home invaders, according to the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office. Two men wearing ski masks, black gloves and camouflage clothing entered the woman’s home on Drake Loop near Highway 253 looking for prescription medication, according […] Read more »

Women’s firearms ownership is growing!

Nearly 1 in 4 women now owns a gun, a 77% increase in 7 years!  Much to the alarm and disgust of the anti-gun crowd, an interest in firearms ownership is growing, and what terrifies them most is that it is growing in a non-traditional manner.   Read more… Now they […] Read more »

911? – I Just Shot Someone!

15 Steps designed that are designed to get you on the other side of a defensive shooting event.   911 Operator – “911… What’s your emergency?” Unknown Caller – (Pause) – Silence on the phone… 911 Operator – “Hello, can you hear me?”… “This is 911, what’s your emergency?” Unknown […] Read more »