Wake up and smell the…

Last week I showed you a post about losing your 6th Amendment rights.  And if you told your friends, at least the liberal ones, I’m sure they said  “Oh, he would never do that”. Well, here’s proof.  Read more… Just so you know, the Senator in the video, is Sen. […] Read more »

The Sixth Amendment in Jeopardy

The Senate recently passed SB 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, 93-7.  Included in the bill was a provision that make the entire U.S. the battleground for the war on terror.  Also, within the provision, is the authority given to the military to detain anyone suspected to be a terrorist […] Read more »

Banned Gold Commercials

All major networks banned the following two commercials. “Along with Fox News and Fox Business, the two commercials have been rejected by NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN/HLN and the Discovery Channel,” according to a report at WorldNetDaily.  Watch both here… Read more »