Survival4Chicks has recently integrated portions of the Texas concealed handgun training into their Colorado program.  The Texas concealed handgun program is one of the best and most-respected concealed handgun training programs in the country.  Gayle and Jim traveled to Texas to take the Texas concealed handgun instructor training, learning from Texas State Troopers, and have integrated portions of that training into the Colorado program that the pair teaches, bringing you a broader depth of training.

Your instructors:  Jim Buske and Gayle Buske

Course length:  4 hours classroom plus 4-6 hours range time and breaks.

Tuition:  $125 plus $25 range use fee

Next Class: None Scheduled

Location:  Ouray, CO/Ridgway, CO.  Exact location given after registration.

Class prerequisite:  You must already know how to safely handle and shoot your pistol accurately before taking this course.  If you require beginner’s level instruction, please check out our upcoming NRA Basic Pistol Class

Course Goal:  Students will receive a refresher of the basics of firearm safety plus the Colorado requirements and considerations regarding the carry of a concealed firearm.  Students will receive extensive, active range time, learning advanced armed self-defense techniques and move-and-shoot training.  Successful completion of concealed handgun training through Survival4Chicks &Dudes2 is sufficient to apply for your Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit.

Who should attend:  Anyone looking to secure their Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit OR if you’ve already attended one of our Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit courses and would like a refresher.  Note:  anyone ages 18+ may take the course but Colorado law will not permit those under age 21 to apply for or obtain their Colorado Concealed Handgun permit, except under the imminent threat of injury or loss of life (i.e. a stalker or abusive significant other).

Course Outline:

  1.  Handgun use and safety.
Provides students with general information regarding basic operations of a handgun and safety considerations.  This module is NOT designed to teach students how to shoot, but is an overview of the skills related to marksmanship with an emphasis on safety.

2.  Storage and concealment.
Identify ways to conceal a handgun. Maintain control of your handgun. Covers the various options on how to store a handgun safely with a focus on how to prevent access to the handgun by others.  Addresses accessibility versus safety.  Also includes information related to the laws and penalties for making a firearm accessible to a child.

   3.  Nonviolent dispute resolution.
Informs students of different methods to recognize, avoid, and diffuse conflict situations.  Emphasis is placed on finding ways to resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner.  Emphasis is also placed on identifying and avoiding situations which could escalate into the use of deadly force.

  4.  Laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force.
Colorado laws that relate to carrying a concealed handgun and general information regarding the laws related to the use of deadly force.
Colorado Sheriff’s and CBI process for obtaining, maintaining, and renewing your concealed handgun permit.
Complete an application to obtain a permit to carry concealed. Collect the items needed to be submitted with the application. Review the process for renewing the permit. Provide a change of address when necessary.

5.  Written Exam
All students must successfully demonstrate their understanding of the materials covered during class through a written exam.

6.  Move-and-shoot training and demonstration of shooting ability (range)
Students will receive 3-4 hours of training, using their handgun in various armed self defense scenarios.  By the conclusion of the class, all students must be able to successfully demonstrate their ability to safely and accurately shoot their firearm.

Firearms rentals
If you do not already own a firearm, please do NOT run out and buy one prior to class.  All too often we witness students who, without knowing much about the type of firearm that works best for them, spend a ton of money buying a new gun prior to class only to find out that it is the wrong fit, wrong caliber for them, or is difficult to operate.  So if you don’t own one already, please borrow one from a friend or relative or rent one in class.  This will give you the opportunity to “try before you buy” and will save you a bunch of money.  We have several handguns available for rent during class.  We charge $25 to rent one of our firearms (including holster) for the day, plus an ammo fee of $125.  If you rent from us for the day, we will bring the firearm, ammunition and a holster to class for you (please bring or wear your own belt).

Students must bring:

1.   Semi-automatic pistol OR revolver (you are welcome to and even encouraged to bring more than one handgun to class if you have them available – please be sure to bring appropriate ammunition for any or all firearms you bring to class)
2.  200-250 rounds ammunition for your handgun
3.  Eye protection
4.  Ear protection
5.  Identification (drivers license, state issued ID card is OK).
6.  Notebook and something to write with.
7.  Sack lunch
8.  Questions!  Bring them to class for discussion.
9.  Belt sturdy enough to hold your holster and firearm.
10.  Holster suitable for your firearm.
11.  Please wear comfortable, sturdy shoes (you’ll thank us come range time!), jacket if warranted for the day’s weather, brimmed hat to keep the sun off your eyes and brass off your head.
12.  Class tuition ($125) and range fee ($25) – due before class begins.
13.  Firearm rental fee and ammunition charge, if applicable, of $150 – due before class begins.

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