Survival4Chicks is Texas DPS certified to teach concealed handgun in the State of Texas.

Course length:  6 hours plus range time and breaks

Tuition:  $100 plus $25 range use fee

Next Class: None Scheduled

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Successful completion of concealed handgun training through Survival4Chicks &Dudes2 is sufficient to apply for your Texas Concealed Handgun Permit.


Class prerequisite:  You must already know how to safely handle and shoot your pistol accurately before taking this course.  If you require beginner’s level instruction, please check out our upcoming NRA Basic Pistol Class

Course Goal: Students will receive a refresher of the basics of firearm safety and Texas requirements and considerations regarding the carry of a concealed weapon.

Course Outline:

  1. Handgun use and safety.
    Provides students with general information regarding basic operations of a handgun and safety considerations.  This module is NOT designed to teach students how to shoot, but is an overview of the skills related to marksmanship with an emphasis on safety.
  1. Storage and concealment.
    Identify ways to conceal a handgun. Maintain control of your handgun. Covers the various options on how to store a handgun safely with a focus on how to prevent access to the handgun by others.  Addresses accessibility versus safety.  Also includes information related to the laws and penalties for making a firearm accessible to a child.
  2. Nonviolent dispute resolution.
    Informs students of different methods to recognize, avoid, and diffuse conflict situations.  Emphasis is placed on finding ways to resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner.  Emphasis is also placed on identifying and avoiding situations which could escalate into the use of deadly force.
  3. Laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force.
    Texas laws that relate to carrying a concealed handgun and general information regarding the laws related to the use of deadly force.
  4. Texas process for obtaining, maintaining, and renewing your concealed carry permit.
    Complete an application to obtain a permit to carry concealed. Collect the items needed to be submitted with the application. Review the process for renewing the permit. Provide a change of address when necessary.
  5. Exam and shooting proficiency
    All students must successfully demonstrate their understanding of the materials covered during class through a written exam. All students must successfully demonstrate their ability to safely and accurately shoot their firearm.  Course of fire is below.

Texas Concealed Handgun License Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire

The following course of fire is required for proficiency demonstration. To successfully qualify, shooters must complete this course with a minimum score of 70% (175 out of possible 250). If any malfunctions are encountered, the shooter will work through the problem and finish the course of fire. If rounds are held (not fired within the allotted time), the shots will be scored as misses. All courses of fire will be scored on a standard B-27 target (an example of a B27 target can be viewed here). The B-27 target must be 24 inches by 45 inches and may be one of four colors; black, blue, red, or green. The target shall be scored utilizing the 5, 4, 3 scoring diagram in the upper left hand corner.  Student will shoot 50 rounds with a semi-automatic handgun and 50 rounds with a revolver.

Stage 1: Twenty shots (20) will be fired from 3 yards.

  • A. Five (5) shots fired in a “One Shot Exercise” 2 seconds allowed for each shot.
  • B. Ten shots (10) fired in a “Two Shot Exercise” 3 seconds allowed for each two shot sequence.
  • C. Five (5) shots fired in 10 seconds

Stage 2: Twenty shots (20) will be fired from 7 yards – fired 5 stages.

  • A. Five (5) shots will be fired in 10 seconds
  • B. Five (5) shots will be fired in 2 stages:
  • 1. Two (2) shots will be fired in 4 seconds
  • 2. Three (3) shots will be fired in 6 seconds
  • C. Five (5) shots fired in a “One Shot Exercise” 3 seconds allowed for each shot.
  • D. Five (5) shots fired in 15 seconds.

Stage 3: Ten shots (10) fired from 15 yards – fired in two 5-shot strings.

  • A. Five (5) shots fired in two stages:
  • 1. Two (2) shots fired in 6 seconds.
  • 2. Three (3) shots fired in 9 seconds.
  • B. Five (5) shots fired in 15 seconds.


What to bring:

Students should bring:

  1. Semi-automatic pistol
  2. Revolver
  3. 50 – 100 rounds ammo for semi-auto
  4. 50 – 100 rounds ammo for revolver
  5. Eye protection
  6. Ear protection
  7. Identification (drivers license, state issued ID card is OK).
  8. Notebook and something to write on.
  9. Sack lunch
  10. Questions!  If you do some research prior to class, and have some questions, bring them to class for discussion.

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