Armed Self Defense Training Class

Look, we get it:  you didn’t have time for an all-day Concealed Handgun Class and just wanted your permit.  So you took one of those quickie, fly-by-night, 4 hour, classroom-only, minimum-requirement classes that skipped the part about showing you how to defend yourself in the event of an attack.  Now that you’ve got the permit, you don’t feel comfortable carrying your gun because you wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.

Or maybe you DID take a full-day class that included range time but it was a few years ago and you feel a little rusty.  Hey, it happens to all of us!  Even as instructors, if we don’t practice, we rust up and can’t hit the broad side of a barn!

In either case, this class is perfect for you!  This class is for anyone who 1) already has their concealed handgun permit but missed the range training or 2)  just needs a refresher on armed self-defense.

Your instructors:  Jim Buske and Gayle Buske

Course length:  8 hours range time plus breaks.

Tuition:  $150 plus $25 range use fee (if you are not currently a member of the Chief Ouray Gun Club)

Next Class: None scheduled

Location:  Ridgway, CO.  Exact location given after registration.

Class prerequisite:  You must already know how to safely handle and shoot your pistol accurately before taking this course.  If you require beginner’s level instruction, please check out our upcoming Beginner’s Handgun Class.  If you require CHL training, check out our upcoming Concealed Handgun License Class.  It is preferable, but not necessary, that you already have your CHL or have taken a CHL class but have not applied for your permit yet.  This is NOT a beginner’s level class.

In this class we will:

1)  Go over mindset training;

2)  Discuss muscle-memory and why it’s so important;

3)  Concealment methods and drawing from concealment;

4)  Talk about awareness levels;

5)  Put 300-350 rounds per person downrange through move-and-shoot, armed self-defense training exercises.

Just like all of our classes, of course we’ll refresh everyone on firearms and range safety as well.

This class is pretty intense as we will be on the range and actively shooting ALL day.  We delve deep into how to carry concealed, what to do if attacked, what to do after an attack.  This class repeats some of the range drills you would have done in our Concealed Handgun Class plus many, many more advanced drills and techniques.  You will need to bring your own handgun or rent one from us for this class (if you need to rent, let us know well ahead of time so we can have the necessary ammo on hand).  Students will need 300-350 rounds of ammunition for their handgun as well.

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Students must bring:

  1.   Semi-automatic pistol OR revolver (you are welcome to and even encouraged to bring more than one handgun to class if you have them available – please be sure to bring appropriate ammunition for any or all firearms you bring to class);
    2.  300-350 rounds of ammunition for your handgun (more is better!);
    3.  Eye protection;
    4.  Ear protection;
    5.  Identification (drivers license, state issued ID card is OK);
    6.  Notebook and something to write with;
    7.  Sack lunch;
    8.  Questions!  Bring them to class for discussion;
    9.  Belt sturdy enough to hold your holster and firearm;
    10.  Holster suitable for your firearm;
    11.  Please wear comfortable, sturdy shoes (you’ll thank us come range time!), jacket if warranted for the day’s weather, brimmed hat to keep the sun off your eyes and brass off your head;
    12.  Class tuition ($150) and range fee ($25) in cash (sorry, credit cards and checks are not accepted the day of class) – due before class begins;
    13.  Firearm rental fee and ammunition charge, if applicable, of $250 – due before class begins.

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