Course Description:  Firearms Safety and Introduction to Firearms for Kids

Course length:  8 hours plus range time, lunch and breaks

Tuition:  $175 plus $25 range use fee

Next Class:  None Scheduled

Location:  Montrose, CO and Ridgway, CO (exact locations given after registration)

Objective:  To teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude for owning and operating a firearm safely.

Who may attend:  This is a kids-only class for children ages 10 – 18.  Parent or legal guardian MUST be present with the child throughout the ENTIRE class as we will be covering all gun types, including handguns. By LAW, we cannot put handguns into the hands of children without parental involvement/consent/presence.  Parents may sit in the class with their child(ren) or may hang out elsewhere (in their car, for example) as long as they are on premises during the entire course.

Should I enroll my child?  If you are looking for a SAFE, common sense introduction to firearms for our child(ren), you’re in the right place.  During this class we cover the three gun types: handguns, shotguns, and rifles.  We educate students on the various components of each firearm and the job each component has.  We also cover various uses for each type of firearm.  This class is HEAVY on firearms safety rules.  We also discuss how to stay safe inside the home as well as situational awareness out on the street – how to avoid becoming a victim (no ipods, etc.).

This class is NOT designed to teach kids how to carry a concealed firearm nor is it designed to teach kids how to defend themselves with a firearm. It is designed ONLY to help kids become more aware of themselves, their surroundings, and be a safe introduction to firearms.

We include range time, where students will be able to shoot with a variety of handguns, shotguns, and rifles. We’re not going to make marksmen/women out of the kiddos – just help them become more aware and comfortable with firearms in a safe way and in a safe environment.

This class also does not meet the qualifications for Colorado Hunter’s Safety.

Survival4Chicks &Dudes2 provides all safety equipment (eye protection, ear protection), firearms and ammunition along with the course materials.


Course Goal: Students will learn the rules for

  • Safe gun handling;
  • Firearms parts and their function;
  • Ammunition – its function and components as well as the selection of the proper ammunition for each firearm;
  • Shooting Fundamentals;
  • Range rules;
  • Various shooting positions;
  • Opportunities and training exercises to help you and your child continue their skills development and reinforce everything they have learned in class.

Course includes:

  • S4C&D2 Firearms Safety and Introduction to Firearms for Kids handbook;
  • Firearms Safety and Introduction to Firearms for Kids Student Examination;
  • Course completion certificate;
  • Firearms supplied by S4C&D2
  • Ammunition supplied by S4C&D2
  • Eye protection supplied by S4C&D2
  • Ear protection supplied by S4C&D2

What to bring:

We provide the firearms, ammunition, safety gear and learning materials.

Students should bring:

  1. Parents will need identification (drivers license, state issued ID card is OK);
  2. Notebook and something to write with;
  3. Sack lunch;
  4. Questions!  Bring ’em with you, please;
  5. A great attitude and a head that is ready for learning;
  6. Please dress your child in comfortable, sturdy shoes (you’ll thank us come range time!), jacket if warranted for the day’s weather, brimmed hat to keep the sun off their eyes and brass off their head;
  7. Sunscreen!

NOTE:  unruly students and students who refuse to follow safety rules will be immediately asked to leave.  Refunds are not issued.

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