Host A Shooting Party!

Looking for a new and exciting way to spend a day with friends or co-workers?  How about hosting a Shooting Party?

  • Will accommodate any schedule!
  • Choose from any of our classes.  Our most popular classes for shooting parties are our Concealed Handgun Classes (Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado),  our Beginner’s Handgun and Personal Protection Inside the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home classes.
  • For all classes, you and your friends can complete the classroom and written exam at home (or another venue of your choosing as long as you have approval from the owner of the establishment)!
  • You provide the couch and friends, Survival4Chicks & Dudes2 brings the rest!
  • Party can be co-ed, women-only, or men-only.
  • Schedule your range time for the same day or separate day
  • Range qualification for Texas and Colorado for Concealed Handgun Classes: everyone coming to the class you host must already know how to shoot and be able to pass the range qualification for Concealed Handgun Classes.  If you do not already know how to shoot, we recommend checking out our Beginner’s Handgun and Personal Protection Inside the Home or Personal Protection Outside the Home classes first.
  • Normal course pricing applies for hosted shooting parties; price does not include range fees, ammo, or gun rentals


Why spend the day on a folding chair if you can sit in your
living room or favorite restaurant or meeting room with your friends?

How Survival4Chicks & Dudes2 Shooting Parties Work

If you need help or advice to get your shooting party set up, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We’d be happy to help!

  • Call us to discuss the type of shooting party you plan to host. Decide on a theme, choose whether to host your party indoors or out, and determine the number of potential guests.
  • Select a date and confirm our instructor’s availability with Survival4Chicks;
  • Select your venue and confirm with the owner that we can hold a firearms class (the classroom portion only) at their establishment.  Here are some venue suggestions:
    • Your favorite restaurant;
    • Your local range’s meeting room;
    • Your home;
    • Your church;
    • Be creative!  Any indoor location, which will allow a firearms class, with space enough for everyone will do!
  • If there is range time involved with the class you choose, be sure we have a safe place to shoot nearby.   Here are some suggestions for shooting locations:
    • If you live in the country, we may be able to shoot at your place.  Check with your neighbors to be sure they don’t mind first.  You must also have a high (at least 20 feet) berm or hillside we can shoot into.
    • Call your local gun range and check your preferred date to see if it works;
    • While you have the gun range on the phone, check on range fees for each of your guests;
    • Regardless of the range location, we will need a table or shooting bench for gear, etc.
  • Invite your friends.  Send out invitations for your shooting party well in advance of the event. Make sure you include the date, time, place and any other pertinent information, such as directions or special instructions. In addition, include your phone number or email address with a date to RSVP.
  • Don’t forget to ask your invitees to RSVP.  We’ll need a head count prior to your party so we know how many sets of course materials and other items to bring.
  • Anticipate that not every person will respond with an RSVP by the date requested. With that in mind, expect that you’ll have to call some of the people on your invitation list to confirm their attendance.
  • Think about menu planning once you have a good idea of how many people will be attending your shooting party. Depending on the type of party you’re planning to host, you should consider whether simple snacks or a buffet style meal will be in order.  Don’t forget beverages!
  • Expect your Survival4Chicks & Dudes2 instructors to arrive early on the day of your party to help you set up.
  • Relax on the day of your party. You’ll be playing host to your guests, of course, but your Survival4Chicks & Dudes2 instructors will do the rest in terms of teaching.
  • In most cases, Survival4Chicks & Dudes2 requires a party size minimum of 10 guests.

Host/Hostess Perks

Survival4Chicks & Dudes2 offers host/hostess rewards based on a points system.  Earn one point for each of the following:

  • One point for each guest other than the host or hostess;
  • One point for you, the host/hostess;
  • One point just for hosting the shooting party;
  • One point for locating a suitable range;
  • One point for every $100 in products sold at the party such as ammunition, t-shirts, caps, and mugs (excludes range fees and tuition payments);
  • One point for every gun rental made by your guests;
  • One point for every guest who books a shooting party of their own.

For every point the host/hostess earns, they receive $10 in products or services from Survival4Chicks & Dudes2.  Your host/hostess earnings CAN be applied to the shooting party you are hosting.