So you think you’re trained?

What you need to know before leaving the house with your gun!

In many areas, Wisconsin included, CCW permit holders only need to know the law, how to safely unload a gun, and a few other things in order to get their CCW permit. It’s a shame. If you do not go out and get further training, you are doing yourself and your loved ones a disservice. Further, you may not be able to defend yourself and may get yourself into even more trouble without proper training.

Proud of your $50 concealed handgun training? Think that skimpy class was enough? For your own sake, look again.

Here are a few examples of what you need to know before leaving the house with your gun and why just knowing how to put bullets in the gun (and take them out again) isn’t nearly enough to:
1) Defend yourself;
2) Defend your loved ones;
3) Keep yourself out of trouble (and out of jail).


Armed Robbery Goes Wrong Clerk Kills Robber

Instructor’s note:  Did you know that in most states you can NOT use deadly force in defense of property alone?  This store owner was likely brought up on murder charges.


19-Year-Old Renisha McBride Shot To Death

Instructor’s note:  Had this person been properly trained, he might have known what to look for and this woman may still be alive today.


Joe Horn Prevents Police From Stopping Robbers – Gets Himself Into Trouble

Instructor’s note:  What you don’t know is that because Joe intervened and didn’t listen to the 911 operator’s instructions, he prevented a plain-clothes cop from entering the scene and stopping the robbery.  Further, Joe shot someone.  Something he will need to live with for the rest of his life.   It only takes a couple seconds to change your life forever.   Carrying a concealed handgun is also about frame of mind, knowing when and how to deescalate a situation, and in some cases, knowing how to get away.


Adrenaline and Self Defense – Friend or Foe?

By Dr. David Harrison

A recent trend in the self defense world is to emphasize the importance of adrenaline and its effect on our ability to defend ourselves. In fact there are whole self defense systems built around overcoming the negative effects of adrenaline.
This is a short essay written to examine the effects of adrenaline. My goal is to give you information to help turn adrenaline into your friend instead of your foe.

What is adrenaline anyway?

Adrenaline is a chemical (actually a hormone) produced by the two adrenal glands, which are located on top of the kidneys (ad – renal, on – kidney). These glands secrete adrenaline directly into the blood stream when people are exposed to something that they see as potentially dangerous.

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Instructor’s note:  When we are attacked, our adrenaline goes nuts.  This causes us to lose fine motor skills.  Will you still be able to use your handgun when this happens?  Learn what you need to do when you are attacked and get an adrenaline dump.


Store Clerk Shoots Black Robber in Face in Self Defense

Instructor’s note:  Would you know what to do in this situation?


Don’t be this guy!

Instructor’s note:  Are you well-enough trained to avoid these situations?


Innocent Bystanders Shot

Instructor’s note:  Shooting innocent bystanders can even happen to police.  Would you know when to take a shot and when not to take a shot?


Samir Clark was shot and killed while protecting two children

Instructor’s note:  With proper armed self-defense training, this man may be alive today.


Don’t be these people!  Get trained today.