Where have you seen “No Guns” Signs?

It should read:  "Criminals welcome; no one here can fight back!"

It should read: “Criminals welcome; no one here can fight back!”

When you enter a business, how often do you notice the signage around the door?  If you’re a concealed handgun permit holder, you have to watch those little signs.  You have to check to see if there is a “no guns” sign posted.  If there is, you cannot legally enter the premises with your concealed handgun.  Even with a concealed handgun permit.


Moving back to Wisconsin from Colorado has really been an eye opener.  In Colorado, it was pretty rare to see a “no guns” sign on businesses.  Well, at least out on the Western Slope where we lived.  Wisconsin is a whole different ball game.  It seems that everywhere I go I see another sign chasing away legally-carrying handgun owners.


Whenever possible, I avoid these criminal-friendly zones.  They are criminal friendly because they are ripe for the picking by anyone who wants a hunting ground to do lots and lots of damage before they’re caught and before anyone can retaliate.  Behind every “no guns” sign is a business that states in no uncertain terms that:  “you are not allowed to defend yourself in here”.


Did you know that the Aurora, Colorado theater shooter drove by two other theaters on his way to the one he chose to mow people down?  The other two allowed their patrons to conceal-carry on the premises.  The one he chose in Aurora had a “no guns” sign.  No one to fight back.  No one that would be able to defend themselves.  He could get in a lot of shooting before the cops could arrive.


Whenever possible, I refuse to spend a dime in an establishment that posts a “no guns” sign.  I do have a right to defend myself from any predator that intends to do me or my loved ones harm and no business is going to tell me that I don’t have that right or can’t exercise that right.


Further, any business posting a “no guns” sign is ignorant.  Do they really think that a criminal is going to abide by the sign?  I could list 100 different examples of how they don’t.  They only people they’re preventing from coming into that business are the most law-abiding citizens.  Those who carry concealed handguns and the requisite permit must pass a very thorough background check.  Their record must be spotless.  Those with concealed handgun permits are not the bad guys!


I’ve decided to start a list of all the businesses that I see with “no guns” signs posted.  Here’s who I’ve found so far (in no particular order):


Costco, Sun Prairie, WI

Costco, Madison, WI

Applebees, Madison East

St. Vincent de Paul, Baraboo, WI

Restore, Baraboo, WI

Harbor Freight, Madison, WI


Let me know where you’re seeing these signs and I’ll keep updating the list.