Why Carry a Concealed Handgun?

There are many reasons and everyone who carries or wishes to carry has their own answer and their own reason.  When we make the decision to carry concealed, it’s usually because we have realized that the world is not always the safe place we wish it to be.  We wear seat belts just in case we’re in a car accident right?  No one calls ahead and tells you that you’re going to be in a car accident that day.

Well, no one calls ahead and tells you that you are going to be the target of violence that day either.  That is why we carry concealed.

Check out these other reasons why:


Attacks close to home

The following are from the NRA’s Armed Citizen Report

George Polanin, 66, went to bed early one evening only to be awakened by noises coming from inside his home. He was upstairs and followed the sound of footsteps to the basement. When he reached the stairs, Polanin said he could see only the intruder’s feet. “ … I got my weapon and basically told him I had a weapon, it was loaded and I will use it,” Polanin said. He then ordered the intruder to come out as he dialed 911. Polanin held the intruder at gunpoint until police arrived. (Kenosha News, Kenosha, WI, 10/17/12)

Dispatchers received a call one afternoon from a man claiming to be the victim of a road rage incident. The man called 911 from the highway and said the van he had just passed was ramming his SUV from behind. The dispatcher instructed the driver to pull over and wait for officers. When the man pulled over, the van pulled over as well. The man and woman occupying the van approached his vehicle and began hitting him and stabbing him with car keys. The driver of the SUV, a concealed carry permit holder, retrieved his gun and pointed it at his assailants until police arrived. They were later booked on possible charges of battery and disorderly conduct. (Antigo Journal, Wausau, WI, 12/6/12)

Gary Cherry was driving at approximately 8:30 a.m. when he noticed two vehicles on the side of the road. Cherry pulled over to help when he saw there was a man holding a woman to the ground face down and stabbing her repeatedly. Cherry, a concealed carry license holder, quickly retrieved his firearm and ordered the man to get on the ground as he dialed 911. Crystal Ward was traveling the same route when she spotted Cherry holding the perpetrator at gunpoint at the side of the entrance ramp. Ward stopped to assist and discovered a crying baby boy in one of the vehicles. The suspect was later taken into custody and the victim was flown to a nearby hospital with multiple stab wounds. It was last reported that she was in stable condition. The baby was unharmed. (Montgomery County Police Reporter, Plum Grove, TX, 12/24/12)

Charlie Blackmore was driving home around 4 a.m. when he spotted a woman being assaulted along the side of the road. A man had pushed her to the ground and was kicking her repeatedly in the head and stomach. Blackmore stopped his car and ordered the man to stop the attack. The assailant then turned his attention to Blackmore and began approaching him. Thanks to Wisconsin’s new concealed-carry law, Blackmore was able to draw his pistol and hold the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived. The woman was treated for what appeared to be a broken nose and large laceration on her face. (TheBlaze.com, West Allis, WI, 3/15/13)

A 23-year-old woman was parked at a gas station when she received sexual advances from a man she did not know. The woman  asked him repeatedly to leave her alone. Surveillance video from the gas station shows the man approaching and the pair arguing. The woman then pulled a rifle from the trunk of the car. Video shows the assailant flashing a knife and trying to hit the woman before she fired. The suspect’s wounds proved fatal. (USA Today, Houston, TX, 7/22/13)

Jerry Brown, 63, was outside his cabin when he spotted a large black bear. The bear first headed away from Brown, but then turned toward him and attacked. As Brown tried to escape, his brother, Randy, retrieved a firearm and shot at the bear, causing it to run off. Brown suffered extensive injuries to his face, including the loss of his left eye. It was reported that Brown was in serious, but stable, condition and recovering from his injuries. (Grand Forks Herald, Shell Lake, WI, 6/20/13)

After a day’s work at First National Bank, a woman found herself at gunpoint in her own home. Her husband was being held by the two intruders as well. The assailants abducted the couple and forced them to drive back to the bank and take an undisclosed amount of money, then ordered them to continue driving. It was then that the husband grabbed a gun kept in the vehicle and fired at the suspects before calling 911. Police arrived to find both suspects lying on the ground near the vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds. They were taken to the hospital where one suspect was pronounced dead. (Times Record News, Houston, TX, 8/4/13)

Shortly before midnight, three men entered Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall brandishing weapons and attempted to rob the polka bar. The owner of the business, Andy Kochanski, pulled out his own firearm and fired on the suspects, killing one. The other two robbers fled the scene, but were later arrested. “I defended myself,” said Kochanski. “I did the shooting. Two guys with guns, what are you going to do? Protect yourself and your customers, that’s what I did.” (The Huffington Post, Milwaukee, WI, 8/19/13)

Your Stories

The following are from our students and friends.  They may be actual attacks or close calls.

Send us your stories!  Have you ever had to defend yourself? Have you ever been attacked?

Tell me about it! I am looking for stories about close calls and/or successful self-defense encounters.

Please share your story with us at survivalchicks@yahoo.com.

From Jodi M. of Wisconsin:
I think part of it is being aware of your surroundings. As a young woman I was coming home after bar time. I pulled into a drive way and when I started to get out of my car a tall man with long blond hair stood at the end of my driveway. I got back into my car and locked the door. He just stood there. Now this was long before I had a cell phone. So I started up my car, backed it up (towards him) he moved and I drove away. I drove around the block, parking a few houses away to observe. He was gone. Two weeks later a woman was raped one block over by someone of the same description. Ladies, keep your head up, look them in they eye and be aware of your surroundings.