Will You Be A Victim Of A Terrorist Attack? And Why I’m Packing Again.

It’s been way too long since I’ve written a blog post and ever since this most recent terrorist attack at the Pulse night club in Orlando, I have felt a need to write and reach out.  Every single attack, whether it’s just a punk on a mission like the Aurora, CO theater shooter a few years ago or a full-on terrorist attack like the ones at San Bernardino or Orlando, it rattles us as a nation.  That’s the point:  to make us feel unsafe.

Are you unsafe when you venture outside your own home?  Hell yes you are!  As we teach in our concealed carry classes, the ONLY time you should feel 100% safe and let your guard down is when you are in your own home (and that’s even questionable these days).  Attacks can happen ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.  No, you may not be involved in a terror attack but you may still fall victim to rape, armed robbery, or just a good beating by a thug if you do not remain aware and vigilant.

Attacks like the one in Orlando, cause all of us to pause and question our own safety.  Terrorism in America and around the globe is on the rise, thanks to a weak president who apologizes every chance he gets for our way of life and who proclaims that these incidents are our fault.  Add to it the continued rise of groups like ISIS.  I used to think that groups like these didn’t exist on American soil – that it was a “middle-eastern thing”.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Several years ago, we took a class on Terrorist Incident Response.  Were my eyes opened!  Terrorist cells are here:  they are all around us.  Colorado alone is home to over 11 different varieties of terrorist groups – not just 11 cells – 11 varieties.  That’s just the documented “groups”, and does not include the numerous individuals who identify with thugs like ISIS.

Add to that, the fact that terrorists are now hitting “soft” targets:  places like night clubs, shopping centers, concerts, schools, and hometown sporting events.  Heck, it could even happen at your local Wal-Mart store.  Why?  Because there’s little- to no security at these places.  They can take out 10’s of people in one shooting event, gain notoriety for their group, please their “God” and their people, and simultaneously scare the living hell out of We The People of the United States.  As a nation, we can’t possibly police all of these smaller venues and events.  We simply don’t have the resources to have a cop posted on every corner, in every bar, at every hometown basketball game.  Even events like a small-town Ouray or Ridgway concert in the park draw a couple hundred people and make the perfect target for a terrorist.  Little to no security.  Everyone in the audience lulled by the music, the mountains, the alcohol, the friendships, and the general atmosphere of peace.  It’s the perfect recipe if you’re a terrorist.

Are you more likely to fall victim to a terrorist event now than you were 10 years ago?  Absolutely!  Are you likely to fall victim to a terrorist attack, like the one that just took place in Orlando?  Probably not, but do you know for sure?  I don’t – no one does.  I don’t know any more than you do where these crazies will hit next.  The fact is, they want us, as Americans, ALL dead.  That is their stated goal:  we are not worthy and we must all die.

So, are you more likely now than 10 years ago to fall victim to a terrorist attack?  Probably.  Do I want to take that chance that I am unable to defend myself and my loved ones?  Hell no!  What if just one or two people in that Orlando night club had been legally carrying a firearm?  How would the tables have been turned?  How many lives could have been saved?   The first time the shooter stopped to change magazines, what if a concealed-carry citizen had risen up and taken him out?  Two to the chest and one to the head.  Perhaps he would only have managed to murder five people instead of 49.

I’m going to let you in on a secret.  I am ashamed to admit that about 2 years ago, I stopped carrying my concealed firearm.  That’s right, the Queen of Western Slope Colorado Concealed Carry put her gun and holster in her dresser drawer.  We had moved back to my home state of Wisconsin and every time we turned around, there was a “no guns” sign.  It became a hassle to constantly disarm myself before walking into an establishment.  There were literally more places in which you couldn’t carry than in which you could carry (idiots!).  So I caved and I put my gun away, becoming just another one of the unarmed idiots walking around.

As of yesterday, however, I am packing once again.  These soft-target terrorist hits have scared the hell out of me once again and they should scare the hell out of you too!  Besides that, we’re back on our beloved Western Slope, where there are very few “no-guns” signs and people (mostly) believe in being prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones!  I refuse to be a victim of a terrorist (or any other) attack and will defend myself and my loved ones – to the death if necessary.

With soft-target terrorist hits on the rise, I strongly advise you to get and use your concealed carry license.  Please, don’t allow yourself to become a victim, a statistic, in a terrorist attack or any other kind of attack for that matter.  The job of the police is NOT to protect you, it’s to clean up after it happens.  It is your job and your job alone to protect yourself.